Blue Line drilling

Blue Line drilling

Blue Line Drilling Co., L.L.C. was chartered in April 2009 by Jim Phillips, Jerry McDonald and a third partner who was later bought out. While working together for another drilling contractor, Jerry and Jim decided they could do a better and more efficient job if they owned their own company. So, a decision was made to find a rig, get the financing and live the American dream. Their first rig (The Lula Mae) was purchased and hauled to San Angelo from a sandy pine tree pasture in East Texas. And today, just a few years later, Blue Line Drilling is running four rigs with a depth capacity from 2,500 to 10,000 feet.  

Blue Line Drilling operates in the Eastern Shelf region and the eastern Permian Basin Shelf of Texas. Generally, Blue Line Drilling operations span a 100-200 mile radius of San Angelo , Texas.

Blue Line Drilling found a niche working for smaller Independent Operators within a 200 mile radius of San Angelo. Blue Line Drilling prefers drilling on a footage basis but will drill on a day-work or on a turnkey basis. Since the first well was drilled near Big Lake in Dec 2009, Blue Line Drilling has drilled more than 720 wells. With a good, experienced management team, Blue Line Drilling strives to keep their equipment up and their performance at its optimum ability.

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