China National Petroleum Group

China National Petroleum Group

China National Petroleum Corporation is the world’s 3rd largest oil company based in China and plays a leading role in China's petroleum industry. We integrate the business portfolios of both an oil company and an oilfield service provider, with operations covering the entire oil and gas industry value chain. Having oil and gas assets and interests in over 30 countries, we are playing a greater role in the global petroleum circle.

China National Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., was established in February 2008, the former Sichuan Petroleum Administration, Changqing Petroleum Exploration Bureau and the Tarim Oilfield engineering and other related business units formed from headquarters in Sichuan Chengdu, a province, enjoys the right to independent foreign trade and technical and economic cooperation.

In recent years, the company has kept in mind the service guarantee oil and gas responsibility and fully supported the increase of oil and gas production.

In the Sichuan-Yunnan region, the Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company will jointly promote the construction of the 30 billion atmospheric zone and shale gas demonstration zone.

In the Changqing area, as the main force of engineering technology, it supported the Changqing Oilfield to quickly produce 50 million tons of stable production and build the largest oil and gas field in China.

 In the Xinjiang region, a number of “one-size” wells and key discovery wells were drilled around key areas such as Tazhong, Tabei, Kuqa Mountain, and Northern Xinjiang.

In Turkmenistan, the capacity building on the right bank of the Amu Darya River and the 10 billion EPC contract project in South Yolotan were completed efficiently.

Actively fulfil corporate responsibilities, do a good job in safety and environmental protection, comprehensively complete energy conservation and emission reduction targets; actively absorb local labour force employment, carry out counterpart poverty alleviation and help local economic and social development.
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