Dewan Drilling

Dewan Drilling

Dewan Drilling Limited (DDL) is a subsidiary company of Dewan Petroleum and was incorporated in Pakistan in 2006 as Private Limited company and converted in public company (unlisted) in 2007. Dewan Drilling Limited is Pakistan’s first independent Drilling Company.

Dewan Drilling Company provides well-drilling services to the oil gas extractive industries. The company engages in all aspects of drilling, medium and shallow drilling activities, as well as work-over services that enhance the productivity of existing oil wells.

Dewan Drilling provides drilling services are valuable in the Pakistan economy, and in doing so, we conduct our business in a manner that to provide safe and secure services to our customers, protects the communities and safeguard the environment at workplaces. The health and safety of our employees and their families, our neighbours and the communities where we operate are among the highest priorities for our company. Safety and environmental responsibility are an integral part of our scope of work, and these values drive improved quality in every aspect of our operations.

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