The Frigstad Group has operated within the offshore drilling industry since 1989. Our group is privately owned and includes Frigstad Offshore, an offshore drilling contractor managing operation, construction and upgrades of drilling units, and Frigstad Engineering, a provider of high end semi-submersible rig designs and offshore engineering services.

Frigstad Offshore is a privately owned company established in Singapore in 1989 to provide management services for offshore drilling rigs.

As an international offshore drilling contractor, Frigstad Offshore has grown steadily and is today fully developed in all aspects of operating offshore oil drilling rigs and managing large rig new-build projects. Frigstad Offshore has operated drill-ships, semi-submersible rigs, jack-up rigs and drilling barges on a world-wide basis, specializing on non-harsh environments. Frigstad Offshore also provides project management and supervision services during construction, conversion, upgrades and repairs of offshore drilling units.

The group has been an active player in the rig new-build cycles, helping investors to gain returns on their assets by providing industrial expertise.

The Frigstad Offshore group is incorporated in Cyprus and has operational headquarters in Singapore and Norway, as well as a regional office in Brazil.

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