Hydro Drilling

Hydro Drilling

Hydro Drilling Srl is currently one of the major oil & gas and geothermal Italian drilling contractors. Hydro Drilling Srl Hydro Drilling S.r.l. manages and operates with five rigs onshore and offshore, in Italy and in neighboring areas such as North Africa, Europe and Eastern European countries. This fleet consists of traditional drilling rigs, latest-generation hydraulic rigs, workover units and an offshore modular rig.

Over the years, the company has refined its expertise in the oil & gas services through the acquisition of contracts with several clients from different geographical areas and the implementation of the most modern drilling technologies on its rigs.

Hydro Drilling S.r.L. operates in safety and in full protection of the environment; it distinguishes itself for complying with international and local regulations and its clients’ specific technical requests.

It is from this approach that our operative strategy has made Hydro Drilling a leader in the drilling and oil & gas E&P services, for the extraction of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, endogenous fluids of various combinations of CO2 and CBM. All achieved through drilling rigs and equipment – onshore and offshore – of the highest safety standard and maximum technical efficiency, all in full respect of the people and the environment.

Hydro Drilling operates in a way to safeguard the safety of its employees, the communities and the environment in which it operates using procedures of elevated technical standards.

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