Kenai Drilling

Kenai Drilling

Kenai is one of the largest drilling contractors in the state of California with rigs available to conduct oil, gas and geothermal drilling on land as well as offshore. In addition, Kenai operations include rig activity in the Mid-Continent and Texas.

Kenai Drilling was formed in June of 1988, specializing in the California intermediate and shallow market. Since that time, Kenai has grown and expanded its rig count by purchasing and building new rigs in order to meet our customers needs for the deeper market. Kenai now has 19 drilling rigs (14 in California and 5 in the Mid Continent Region) capable of providing drilling services for exploration and development of oil, gas and geothermal wells throughout the state of California and the Mid Continent. In addition, Kenai has the technical manpower available to provide any services the customer may request, from planning and drilling of wells, to building site specific equipment for hard to drill areas. Kenai is also capable of providing manpower for offshore or onshore projects while operating a customer’s equipment.

Kenai provides drilling services for daywork, footage, turnkey and manpower contracts. Kenai is ready to work with its customers to provide any and all services needed to get the job done.

Kenai has grown and prospered through all of the petroleum industries ups and downs because of one thing... Quality. A quality that you can count on for all your drilling needs. Kenai stands ready to work with our customers to provide exactly the right equipment and professional staffing in order to perform a quality operation.
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