Makamin Offshore Saudi

Makamin Offshore Saudi

Makamin Offshore Saudi (MOS) is a growing offshore & marine services provider for Saudi Arabia & Middle East.


MOS is a rapidly growing operator of offshore support vessels in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We focus on developing a fleet of young and high generation OSVs, managed by our highly experienced team of marine and technical professionals. We provide our vessels on a long term charter or spot charter basis, where our vessels support our customers for a comprehensive range of operations throughout the life cycle of offshore oil and gas projects spanning exploration, development, production and decommissioning stage.

We are equipped with a range of offshore support vessels with up to date technology, including Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel, Platform Supply Vessel, Diving Support Vessel, Accomodation Work Boat, Utility Vessel, Meercat Workboat and Fast Security Patrol Boat. MOS plans to continue to invest in expanding our offshore vessels fleet to ensure that we are well-positioned to serve the changing needs of our clients in the offshore industry. We focus on developing a fleet of young and high generation OSVs, managed by our highly experienced team of marine and technical professionals. MOS currently own and operate a fleet of up to 30 vessels.


MOS has the capability to comprehensive underwater inspection, repair & maintenance (“IRM”) services for offshore oil and gas platforms, subsea pipelines, subsea cables and offshore terminals in both shallow and deep water environments. The provision of our diving service involves engaging experienced personnel and specialized diving equipments for air diving, saturation diving and remotely operated vehicles services for multipurpose underwater applications. We have the capabilities to operate dive support vessels and equipments, which supports our provision of diving support services.

MOS specializes in the provision of specialized offshore maintenance and repair services for navigation aids such as Buoys, RACONs, Beacons and Warning Lights on offshore platforms. Our maintenance services are intended to facilitate safe and proper working conditions of the navigation aids, along the key offshore navigation channels. We evaluate our fleet, people and equipments on continuous basis to ensure that we are able to expand our capabilities and improve the efficiency of our maintenance services.
The Company specializes in the removal, piling & de-piling Services of Aids to Navigation.


Our offshore manning services involve the provision of full crew management services designed to support the marine and offshore sectors in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. We manage the crewing needs of our clients for their offshore support vessels, including Master, Chief Mate, Second Mate, Chief Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Mechanic and Seaman. Our scope of services encompass every support and arrangements of crew management, from the recruitment to the deployment of these personnel to carry out their duties for our customer onboard its vessels. As crewing plays a very important factor in offshore vessels operations, we place high priority on crewing vessels with experienced mariners and aim for high return ratios of returning marine crews. We seek to develop highly competitive and skilled local marine and offshore workforce for the offshore and marine sector in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

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