Mega Philippines

Mega Philippines

MEGA Philippines, Inc. is a company that provides technical expertise and operational excellence in mining, energy and civil exploration services. Being one of the preferred names in the industry, MEGA’s name did not come without hard work.

The mantle of MEGA’s history is founded on the ideals of five technical experts with the common belief—earth is everything. They made a partnership under the name MEGA Philippines in 1987 and got the first contract of geophysical survey for the relocation of Palau’s International Airport in Micronesia. This partnership however, was dissolved in 1989 and under the name Mineral Exploration and Geo-Analysis Philippines, the company operated with no more than five employees and the leadership of one of its founders.

In 2004, when the Philippine Government emphasized the potentials of mineral exploration, development and processing in the country—MEGA struck gold and the company developed rapidly in the years that came. MEGA gained exclusive contracts for some of the biggest projects in the country such as core drilling and civil exploration works with local and foreign mining companies to explore minerals and alternative underground water sources in different parts of the country.

What started out as only a handful of manpower became a rock solid organization with a team of professional engineers and managers at its forefront, and in order to streamline its operations, MEGA built an equipment yard in Mindanao. Having bagged its own Coal Operating Contract in 2013, MEGA Philippines Inc. envisions success using the expertise and experience it gained in two decades of operations as it embarks into another venture.

Digging deeper, MEGA’s core is the strength, commitment, passion, and perseverance of the people that make up the company who are not only driven towards the common goal of client satisfaction but also by the motivation of discovery—they are a team of experts both experientially and academically. From the surface to its core, MEGA is a world of explorations, innovations and solutions.

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