The Company, being part of the Trevi Group, has a solid background in low impact drilling rig engineering & management service. The main objective of Petreven is to provide low impact drilling services in those areas where the use of our technology and expertise will be able to create increase of drilling performance, cost reduction, high safety standards and environmental protection.

The strategy behind our drilling service is to develop a project, creating together with the client a dedicated working team, able to design a "fit for purpose" drilling rig to enhance productivity and additional value to the field operations.

Provide an attractive and fit for our customers service to gain and consolidate their trust and their respect.

Maintain the highest standards of safety and productivity with the utmost attention to the environment by increasing the skills of our staff and making people more and more "actively participative in business processes“.

Enhance the commitment and active participation of all staff in consolidating an internal process of accountability to generate an improvement in the professionalism of every individual.

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