PV Drilling

PV Drilling

PV  Drilling operates in the field of providing drilling rigs, drilling and well technical services, human resource supply services in the field of drilling and oil and gas wells (both offshore and on land). 

Over the past decade, PV Drilling has made strong strides, becoming one of the leading corporations in the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, a reputable drilling contractor and well-provider of well services in the market. school. PV Drilling will continue to develop drilling services in deeper waters and overseas markets to serve the search and exploitation of oil and gas energy sources for Vietnam and the world.

The success of PV Drilling is made up of excellent, engaged and constantly learning staff, who are constantly learning, perfecting and innovating to gradually master the drilling technology, expand services, and provide added value to PV Drilling. customer. Therefore, building and developing quality human resources is always a top priority in PV Drilling's development strategy. 

PV Drilling focuses on recruiting the right people for the right jobs, having a systematic plan for professional training, skills and knowledge, with a clear career development orientation, and a competitive income and welfare policy to keep and attract talents. At PV Drilling, the human factor is always highly appreciated in order to build a sustainable foundation for outstanding development in the future, we call it "PV Drilling's Identity".
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