Advanced Energy System

Advanced Energy System

Advanced Energy System (ADES) is a leading oil & gas drilling and production services provider in the Middle East and Africa, offering offshore and onshore contract drilling, workover and offshore production services. Since its establishment in 2002, ADES has grown to become Egypt's largest offshore drilling operator by number of rigs, with a growing presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Algeria and ongoing penetration into new MENA markets.

Our business model is focused on resilient sub-segments of the drilling industry and founded on a lean cost structure, which has allowed us to achieve a track record of profitable growth throughout cyclical market conditions in the oil and gas industry. We also primarily operate in regions with low extraction costs, non-harsh environments, and a predominance of legacy fields. We leverage our lean cost structure, highly-skilled workforce of more than 4,000 personnel and customer-centric approach to create real value for our clients. As a service company, the Group’s business revolves around providing tailored solutions and superior service to its clients, characterised by its commitment to global industry standards.

ADES Group's principal business activities include the provision of onshore and offshore contract drilling workover services, MOPU production services, as well as accommodation, catering and barge-based project services. The Group's key core competitive strengths lie in its responsiveness, lean cost structure, highly qualified crew and an unwavering commitment to performance and client satisfaction.

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