The ROTAQUA Ltd. was founded by the the former state-owned Mecsek Ore Mining Company (MÉV) from its Exploration and Drilling Branch in the Spring of 1990. Its original objective was to provide drilling services to the Hungarian uranium industry.

When - up to the mid 1990's - the Hungarian drilling market had diminished continuously, the state owners decided to privatize the company which was bought by the present owners (1996). In the next couple of years important steps had been done to decrease the operational cost and increase the performance and to assure the survival. On longer term a radical change in technology and hardware was taken place (purchase modern drilling rigs replacing the old Russian ones) with focussing on the quality. In 2004 the office building was renewed and fully modernized and its plant was also developed.

At present the company owns 21 rigs, actively operates 6-8 rigs simultaneously. The number of employees is 37, from this total 32 is technical personnel directly at the working rigs. Today the company reached the Hungarian market leader position (35% market share) in its main activity area (geological exploration).

The management of the company wishes to increase its market position by its advanced quality management meeting the customers demands and community's requirements, and win the customer's satisfaction and reliance.

The management of the company pays special emphasis on quality development, management activities, resources, education of staff, improvement of the quality aspect, and effectively developing quality management system along its operation.

In favour of implementation of quality policy and achieving quality objectives the management has a documented quality management system in accordance with requirements of standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 operated by resources, organisation chart, and applied processes.
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