Tianjin Pan Pacific Oilfield Technology

Tianjin Pan Pacific Oilfield Technology

Tianjin Pan Pacific Oilfield Technology Company., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: PPBosun) was founded in 2012. PPBosun is a comprehensive oilfield technical services company based in Beijing, China. With a total registered capital of 25 million Yuan, and a subsidiary company based in Dubai’s free trade area  PPBosun-DMCC along with branches in Iraq. In addition, the company also holds shares in Shaanxi LangXin Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD.

Our company aims at high-end small manufacturing companies and featured technology companies in the west. We are committed to domestic and foreign customers to provide quality and efficient integrated oilfield technical services.  Our main scopes of business include oil drilling, directional wells, oil well workover, acid stimulation, artificial lift, production operations, facilities maintenance and ground engineering construction, and other professional fields.

Our company has earned a good reputation in the industry and has established strategic cooperative partnerships with large international oil service companies.

Some of our business partners include the United States NOV (National Oil Well Varco), United States SDI (Scientific Drilling International), United States Weatherford, Halliburton, and Canadian company Packer Plus. These partnering oil service companies prioritize supplying PPBosun with their latest, most advanced technologies and tools so we can meet the needs of our operations in oil and gas field exploration and development.

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