Wisco-Moran Drilling Company

Wisco-Moran Drilling Company

World Industrial Specialty Company, Inc., or Wisco, was founded by Joel Bouldin Sr. in 1972 after 27 years of working for Mid-Continent Supply Company. Wisco began in its early years as an oilfield supplier for drilling rigs throughout the world. Although Mr. Bouldin had founded Wisco he soon was ready to retire, and handed the business over to his son Joel Bouldin Jr. in 1983.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s Wisco continued as an oilfield supply business, but in 1996 Joel decided that a new direction was needed for the company. In order to accomplish his goal of becoming a drilling contractor Joel took on the task of marketing for Adcor-Nicklos Drilling. Joel immediately was given the task of marketing Nicklos’ twelve rigs, negotiating contracts, and the design and construction of several rigs. Joel’s expertise and hard work served him well and an opportunity arose for him to start Nicklos-Bouldin Drilling with three of his former Nicklos colleagues. 

After the success of Nicklos-Bouldin Drilling, Joel decided to part ways and sold his interest in the company. A short time later he began Wisco Moran Drilling. Wisco Moran Drilling has 4 rigs in its fleet that operate throughout the Texas Gulf Coast.

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