Yost Drilling

Yost Drilling

At Yost Drilling we are not afraid to be different. Our company was born out of the desire to offer a level of service and employment opportunities within the drilling industry normally associated with larger national and international companies, while maintaining a smaller, more personalized structure. It has always been our belief that a company does not need to be huge in order to be successful; it just needs to be the best at what it does.

Upon establishment on January 1, 2010, Yost Drilling claimed a spot as one of the most aggressive drilling companies in a highly active region of the Appalachian Basin.

The structure and experience of our management team comprised of President, Duane Yost, in partnership with Vice President Thomas Flynn, combined with the strategic placement of several key employees positioned us to hit the ground running.

Prior to founding Yost Drilling, Duane Yost co-owned Gene D. Yost and Son, a drilling company founded in 1960, with his father. From the humble beginning of a family business with one drilling rig, through ever-changing times, and several dramatic events, including drilling the rescue shaft for the high profile Quecreek Mine rescue in 2002, Yost steadily led that company to become a powerhouse eventually purchased by Chesapeake Energy in 2006.

Having literally spent his whole life in the industry through such dynamic times and circumstances, Yost leads our company with a multi-faceted and largely unmatched bank of both technical and business knowledge and expertise.

A background in business, personal drilling rig experience spanning several years, and later a career as a Safety Director for Chesapeake Energy/Nomac Drilling all served to prepare Tom Flynn for partnership in our company. Together with Yost, Flynn actively manages all aspects of the business, including personnel, contracting with operators, and constant evaluation and implementation of Yost Drilling’s safety and environmental policies and practices.

As part of our vision for building a strong company, we believe that the ability to operate self-sufficiently is crucial. Therefore, BOSS Oilfield Trucking, our specialized oilfield hauling company, is another important piece of who we are.

The diversity of our partners, combined with the dedication of quality employees makes us strong. We value our employees. We are committed to making Yost Drilling a great place for them to work, and a name in which they and their families can take pride. It is our goal to safely do the kind of work for which our operators, our employees, and the community recognize us as the best at what we do.
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