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PALFINGER stands for the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles and in the maritime field. Innovation and further internationalisation of products, processes and services form strategic pillars of the corporate strategy. To allow for digital transformation, this time-tested strategy has been supplemented by a fourth pillar: PALFINGER 21st stands for new core competences, new approaches, new products, services and business models in the digital age.

As a multinational company group with its headquarters Austria, PALFINGER has 38 manufacturing and assembly sites in Europe, in CIS, in North and South America as well as in Asia. With around 5,000 sales and service outlets on five continents, PALFINGER is always close to the customer no matter the location to offer an optimal pre- and after-sales services that are tailor-made to the needs of each specific market.


Construction - If you work in structural or civil engineering, masonry or road construction – PALFINGER cranes, hook- and skip loaders, truck-mounted forklifts and tail lifts offer high-quality solutions for your work requirements. Thanks to our thought-out product portfolio, tasks such as building material handling, roofing, scaffolding and glassworks are simplified and accelerated.

Forestry and agriculture - No matter if you’re looking for a tailor-made solution for fertilizer handling, landscaping or timber processing and transport, PALFINGER offers tried and tested, robust and cost-efficient machinery for this line of work.

Industry - Handling fuels, rubber, synthetics or metals often comes with special requirements that need well-proven technology for these kinds of applications. PALFINGER cranes, hooks and skips, access platforms and truck-mounted forklifts make it easy and safe to tackle even the most challenging industrial projects with the highest safety standards.

Infrastructure - Bridge inspection, industrial cleaning or power plant maintenance are fields of work that often come with substantial risks. PALFINGER products have a particular focus on safety, complying with the strictest norms and offering special work platforms.

Railway - PALFINGER is able to offer a high-quality choice for projects in the field of bridge inspection and repair as well as for railroad construction, maintenance and intervention. Discover bridge inspection units, access platforms and world-market-leading railway systems are tailored to local customer needs that comply with the standards of any international railway manufacturers and operators.

State institutions - PALFINGER choice cranes, hook- and skip loaders, truck-mounted forklifts, tail lifts and access platforms are ideal for situations where time is of the essence, such as military use or emergency services.

Transport and logistics - Heavy-duty PALFINGER cranes make it easy and safe for you to transport everything from heavy load cargo to containers and of course also fast-moving consumer goods.

Waste management and recycling - PALFINGER offers premium solutions for professional garbage removal, container discharge and bulk waste handling using recycling cranes, hooks and skips and truck-mounted forklifts were all designed to deal with the special challenges of waste management.

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