Cryostar SAS

Cryostar SAS

Cryostar is an expert in advanced technologies for Medical and Industrial Gas, Clean Power Generation, LNG and Hydrocarbon applications. Cryostar design and manufacture cryogenic equipment including:
  • cryogenic pumps (for every process, transfer and distribution application) for liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, hydrogen and LNG:
  • expansion turbines for air separation units, natural gas processing or clean energy production;
  • compressors for LNG carriers, heat exchangers and vaporizers for LNG and natural gas applications;
  • industrial and medical gas filling stations;
  • small to medium scale natural gas liquefaction and re-liquefaction units;
  • vehicle refuelling stations (LNG/LCNG and H2) and LNG bunkering;
  • ORC cycles and equipment for clean energy generation.

For more than four decades Cryostar has specialized in designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipment. The 21st century has seen Cryostar extend its offering to process plants in the fields of natural gas and clean energy.

Quality certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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