Douce-Hydro SAS

Douce-Hydro SAS

Douce-Hydro designs and manufactures special, custom-built and large hydraulic cylinders such as Production and Drilling Riser Tensioner Cylinders, Motion Compensators Cylinders, BOP Riser Tensioner Cylinders, Lift-Skidding Cylinders, Linear Chain Jack Tensioner Cylinders, Wireline Tensioner Cylinders with HP – LP Accumulators, In Line and Direct Acting Tensioner Cylinders, etc.

We develop special rod coatings against corrosion and wear, named KERADOUCE®, LASERTEK® and METALTEK® coating.

We can manufacture up to 1.2 meters (48”) bore dia., up to 2.4 meters (95”) outside diameter and up to 27 meters (89 ft.) stroke.
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