DrillScan provides software, services/consulting and training for the petroleum and geothermal drilling industry. DrillScan solutions enable operators, drilling contractors and service companies to reduce drilling costs in optimizing the drilling process while minimizing HSE risks.

DrillScan has been applying a scientific R&D approach to engineering for Oil & Gas. At its core, DrillScan is a research company. Software and engineering solutions are born from the work we do in the lab. This is how we began and how we continue to approach our business.

The individuals behind the solutions we develop are in large part what separate DrillScan’s services and software apart from others in the industry. The mindset our founders bring to the lab and the standards they set make us the best in the world.

Drillscan’s commitment to continuous research and development through the ups and downs in the Oil & Gas industry has given our company, our services and our software a competitive advantage as the industry comes back online after the downturn of recent years

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