Eupec Pipecoatings

Eupec Pipecoatings

For more than 50 years, EUPEC has been providing reliable solutions for the “end-to-end” protection of steel pipelines for the Oil and Gas and Water industries, on both onshore and offshore pipelines. The company offers its services to its customers around the globe from its headquarters based in the North of France, in Gravelines.

In the Gravelines site, bends, valves and fittings coating activities are performed, but also management of projects and logistics activities. The Dunkirk sites, 20 km from Gravelines, benefit from the proximity of a world-class port equipped with deep-water docking facilities, experienced stevedores and purpose-built cranage dedicated to pipe handling. These sites are dedicated to line pipes coating, divided in three shops for internal lining, external coating and concrete weight coating.

EUPEC’s commitment to Quality, Safety and Environment forms an integral part of the corporate philosophy. As evidence of our achievement, we maintain certification at ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. EUPEC also embraces the principle of sustainable development in all our activities for the protection of future generations.

EUPEC people are pipe coating specialists, combining their skills to apply the most advanced coating systems and to ensure the best end-to-end protection of steel pipelines. Our customers can, with confidence, hand over to us full managerial responsibility for their pipe coatings and related services. Our in-house project staff provides expert support to their project teams every step of the way, ensuring that the appropriate know-how, materials and equipment are to hand to avoid surprises in the field. EUPEC’s integrated logistics department manage your projects from preparation to site operations, including multi-modal transport solutions (land, sea and air freight).

Our solutions and services :

- Internal lining for pipes, bends and fittings: liquid epoxy, solvent-free liquid epoxy, ceramic…,

- External anticorrosion coatings for pipes, bends and fittings: mono (FBE) or dual layer (DFBE) fusion bonded epoxy, liquid epoxy, paint, 2-layer polyolefin systems (flame spray process, FSPP, FSPE) and 3-layer polyolefin systems (extrusion process, 3LPP, 3LPE) …,

- Thermal insulation: solid polyurethane, foam polyurethane (PUF), syntactic and glass syntactic polyurethane (SPU and GSPU), injection moulded polypropylene (IMPP), 5LPP foam…

- Concrete weight coating: specific gravity and thickness, anodes installation…

- Field joint coating,

- Reel-to-reel coating,

- Horizontal Directional drilling: coating and assistance,

- Coating related services,

- Logistics,

- Technical expertise, design of specific coating equipment and systems,

- Assistance, control and inspection,

- Personnel training,

- Project management.

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