GEOS has been the leading provider of premier and innovative travel safety and security services, and monitored services since 2004.

GEOS was originally Travel Safety Group, ltd. and was the first company to incorporate technology with travel safety and security. GEOS has continued this mission by adding the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) in 2007. GEOS continues to deliver best-in-class services to our clients and members, who choose GEOS for the value and the global reach that only GEOS can offer. Each year, GEOS introduces new emergency alerting technology through our partnerships, bringing to you the solutions that best fit your needs, wherever you are in the world.

The IERCC based just outside of Houston, Texas, has your back 24x7 and is backed by regional crisis management cells around the globe. GEOS has operated and coordinated rescues in over 160 countries, providing people with valuable peace of mind. GEOS continues to be a critical participant in global response protocols, and works very closely with official response agencies to better serve you!

If that wasn't enough, GEOS introduced GEOS Safety Solutions, Inc. in 2015 to deliver best-in-class solutions for enterprise safety and security. These solutions have received multiple awards for being industry best.

In 2018, GEOS joined forces with one of the premier providers of crisis response services and now are pleased to be able to offer these additional services, staffed by former military, special operators, intelligence officers and logistics personnel.

The mission of GEOS is a simple one, to provide services, memberships and technology to keep people safe and secure, wherever they are in the world. Others try to be what GEOS has always been, don't take a chance, go with the proven best!

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