PVI (Picardie Valves Industries), leading European manufacturer of industrial valves for more than 90 years, relies on its product design and know-how to meet high-quality requirements and delivers to its customers, high-performance valves.

Founded in 1849, the company begins as a foundry and mechanical construction plant for the sugar industry and develops the manufacture of copper pipes. It began valves production in 1920 to meet the needs of sugar factories.

Today, the company is known as PVI (Picardie Valves Industries) and has been manufacturing for over 90 years a wide range of high quality, high-performance industrial valves including butterfly valves, ball valves, control valves and pressure relief valves. Our industrial valves SAPAG and GACHOT are dedicated to various types of industries, including fire protection, water treatment works, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, oil and gas, offshore, chemical process, energy production, shipbuilding, desalination plants, food and beverage, paper mills, sugar factories, dry bulk transport, mines, cement plants and general industries. We currently export more than 50% of our production on 5 continents.

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