Serimax Holdings - Vallourec Group

Serimax Holdings - Vallourec Group

Serimax, a Vallourec subsidiary, is an international company offering complete pipeline manufacturing services (welding, joint-inspection, field joint coating), with proven experience in the delivery from planning to execution of high quality automatic and manual welding solutions on land and sea, in the toughest conditions. 

A formidable combination of knowledge, efficiency and strength which makes us different. We tailor our solutions to our client's specific project needs, providing the most appropriate technology and specialised personnel who work safely and efficiently, to ensure we meet and exceed client requirements on the world's most challenging projects.

We support Offshore, Onshore and Fabrication market sectors in all welding applications from ultra-deep (HPHT), deep, landlines, and fabrication. This covers offshore from the seabed to surface, spoolbase, multijointing, subsea fabrication, landlines and onshore fabrication.

Serimax is part of the Project Line Pipe division within the Vallourec Group. Vallourec is a world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets, as well as other industrial applications.

Serimax equipment:

CleverScan: a rapid pipe-end or bevel measurement tool for laser precision dimensioning along with software analysis to manage Out-Of Roundness (OoR) i.e., Hi-Lo issues which cause major concerns on repair rates and Fit-Up time during welding operations

  • Saturnax 01, 05/07, 08, 09: bug and band welding
  • Maxiluc: High power internal line-up clamp with pipe re-rounding capabilities
  • Internax: a re-rounder welding clamp for the landline market
  • Externax: Welding Clamp for Tie-Ins
  • Saturne: High-Speed Orbital welding for trunkline applications
  • Scanvision: Internal visual inspection and measurement for pipeline projects
  • CleverWeld: Integrity Management solution

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