Siteflow Solution

Siteflow Solution

SiteFlow addresses construction and maintenance companies operating on challenging sites.

The software solution is made to digitize your interventions from preparation to execution.

With Siteflow Builder, engineers can detail and prepare field operations required for a specific order using libraries of standard processes, forms, risk analysis matrix, …, and generate required documents using internal and external workflows.

With Siteflow Mobile, operators have a companion to guide them step by step in their tasks. They can fill forms, take pictures and report quality controls.

SiteFlow provides real-time visibility on current activities. In case of non-compliance, operators can quickly get on-line support from Method engineers. With SiteFlow, engineers and project managers can automatically generate end of intervention reports. They can get a return on operating experience (REX), carry out data analysis and broaden their knowledge database. SiteFlow offers an agile work methodology, fully digitized, that unleashes your productivity and help you focus on your added value. SiteFlow integrates the quality management requirements of international norms in place in the industry. The solution guarantees the traceability of all your operations from the office to the site.
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