Founded in Marseille in 1905, Group Snef now has 10,000 employees and revenues nearing one billion euros. Group Snef specializes in Electrical Engineering and provides integrated solutions in the fields of Industry, Energy, Telecommunications, Building & Services and Marine.

Group Snef implements High and Low Voltage Power Installations, Industrial Processes, Robotics and Mechanics, and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC). Its services include engineering basic and detailed design, procurement, erection, and maintenance.

Our Values
Relying on sustainable management, Group Snef pursues a constant strategy of development, focusing more on the medium term than in the short term. Independent and business-oriented, Group Snef is close to its customers and operates with a constant concern for responsiveness, quality, safety and profitability.

We believe that every manager should be empowered by an environment that fosters responsibility and autonomy and that a climate of confidence and mutual trust between management and staff is key to the success of our Group

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