For more than 70 years, thanks to our infrastructures, we have been working to facilitate the transportation and storage of natural gas. Every day, with our passionate and expert teams, we imagine new solutions that make gas an accelerator of the energy transition. Our new brand embodies the transformation dynamics of the company. It reflects our vision for the future and our ambitions to help shape the energy model of tomorrow. A model in which gas will have a central role.

Faced with the challenges of the energy transition, how can the link between the historical model, largely based on centralized and essentially fossil production, and the model of the future, with zero carbon footprint through the use of a diversified energy mix, dominant renewable and local?

For Teréga, expert in the development of gas transport and storage infrastructures in France,
gas is a future answer, which will accelerate this transition to a new energy model.
We believe in a model where gas becomes a doubly positive energy. We are building a smart network for everyone. We are developing interconnections to ensure security of supply. We are acting to accelerate the development of renewable gas.
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