Rovco is an independent provider of hydrographic survey and adaptive ROV solutions. We are also market leaders in the application of 3D vision and Artificial Intelligence in subsea survey.

Rovco are proven in the field of inspection, whether working on platforms doing general visual inspections, nondestructive testing, marine growth surveys or surveying pipelines using our innovative camera systems and multibeam sonars.

Rovco mission is to provide an individual, client-centric ROV and hydrographic service, coupled with cutting edge research that has the potential to change the face of the industry. We explore subsea survey through the development and application of the latest computer vision and AI technology innovations. Rovco seeks not only to replace video survey with 3D, but to introduce Artificial Intelligence and further disrupt our sector with innovative techniques and groundbreaking concepts.

Rovco is leading the way in AUV and ROV 3D computer vision technologies and their application subsea. The world is becoming ever more autonomous, and these technologies are poised to take over in the oil & gas and renewables industries. We are looking at projects including applied artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle path planning and live 3D underwater computer vision.

Rovco global scope encompasses the offshore wind, wave & tidal, oil and gas, scientific, maritime security, and civils. Rovco’s reputation within each of these areas centers around our ability to deliver innovation-driven, revolutionary subsea services that bring greater efficiencies to underwater projects.

Rovco  is developing the technology required to allow autonomous underwater vehicle systems to complete the difficult and dangerous task of seabed mapping and subsea infrastructure inspection. 3D vision with machine-learning based inspection improves anomaly detection and enables vast improvements in subsea asset management.

Bringing these technologies together and applying them subsea brings a truly groundbreaking service to market that will revolutionise how energy companies manage their subsea infrastructure and improve subsea asset integrity.

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