ITP - Interpipe

ITP - Interpipe

ITP provides pipe-in-pipe systems to enable or enhance production, resolving flow assurance issues and conserving your product’s energy capital.

Executing from concept to detailed engineering, procurement and construction, ITP integrates into your project team to provide optimized cost and fastrack execution, or partners for an EPC structure, a single-point interface and turnkey solutions.

ITP innovates with field proven technologies to meet our Clients’ requirements for operations in extreme conditions and applications, including high pressure and temperature (HP/HT), ultra deepwater, cryogenics and active heating.

Robust pipe-in-pipe solutions facilitate local-content fabrication whilst ensuring system performance. Alternatively, ITP’s Normandy fabrication site, with shipping access to the English Channel, is available for efficient fabrication.

ITP is an independent contractor, founded in 1992, specialising in the design, fabrication and provision of highly insulated pipeline solutions for both onshore and offshore applications.

​ITP has supplied pipeline solutions globally, addressing Operators’ requirements for high pressure and temperature (HP/HT), ultra deepwater, electrically heated and cryogenic production. ITP is a pioneer in insulated pipeline solutions.

ITP has broad manufacturing capacities, including a fully operational fabrication site in Normandy, France, with harbour logistics and project management.

Dedicated to Innovation

ITP develops solutions for future market requirements, pioneering pipeline solutions, creating new designs and reaching new performance levels for the toughest, most extreme environments

Dedicated to cost-efficiency

​ITP increases Client competitiveness through reduced development CAPEX and life-of-project OPEX. Cost of ownership is reduced through solution conception to implementation, this is illustrated by ITP’s highly insulated, fast field jointing methods, light weight pipe-in-pipe designs, subsea export/import cryogenic lines.

​Environmental friendliness

​ITP’s pipelines allow for buried and subsea applications reducing environmental footprint. World leading thermal efficiency preserves nature’s energy capital and results in less chemical additives.

Our Pipe in pipe architectures can provide double containment and leak detection architectures.


​ITP is a flexible contractor capable of handling fast track projects throughout the world, adapting to the Client’s specific project requirements.

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