OSVfinder provides a range of services dedicated to the offshore supply chain key players.The first community-based application dedicated to offshore energy and marine construction players.

OSVfinder is the first digital chartering platform that connects charterers and shipowners to the offshore, fossil and renewable energy market.

The idea of creating a community-based platform dedicated to the offshore industry has emerged when Remy Ausset was working as a shipbroker in the energy sector. During his career, Remy used to identify and fix offshore support vessels suiting technical requirements from Oil majors, EPC contractors and other offshore energy players.

At this stage, he realized that the principle of ship brokerage could be easily disrupted by a simple digital tool to simplify and make the chartering process more efficient by merging the OSV supply and demand on a single market place. At this moment, the concept of OSVfinder was born. At the beginning, the webapp was mainly focused on gathering and connecting the biggest community of shipowners and charterers from the industry.

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