Mustang Engineering

Mustang Engineering

We are an oil & gas international general contractor with many years of experience to the service of oil & gas and power industry, facing challenging projects under the most critical environmental and logistical conditions in remote locations, combining advanced methods and technologies.

Engineering & Procurement

Our engineering capabilities are applied to a wide range of works and delivery methods: from EPC projects to maintenance services. Leveraging on field experience we inject first-class engineering solutions into all activities.
Procurement means to manage the overall supply chain through an internal and external network that allows to capitalize the experience.

We review project processes since pre-construction phase.
The effective integration of construction knowledge into planning activities, design and field operations allow us to achieve the overall project objectives in compliance with time, accuracy and HS&E requirements.

Our experience in construction is a wealth of knowledge developed over decades executing challenging projects all over the world.
Due to our experience in all disciplines, we commit full reliability performance to our clients: this is our main goal.

Operation & Maintenance
Our multi-years experience in global operation & maintenance services allows us to integrate the client’s operational capabilities.
The goals are production efficiency and optimised overall project lifecycle costs.

Capitalising on our know-how allows us to speed up project lead times. Moreover, we partner with major international and national oil companies and with the world’s leading general contractors through a "one team approach".

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