Magseis Fairfield

Magseis Fairfield

Magseis Fairfield is the industry leader in ocean-bottom node (OBN) technology, delivering both superior image quality and operational efficiency. Combining large node counts with automated node handling, deployment/retrieval systems and tailored source solutions, we provide the full-azimuth, 4C seismic data needed to make important decisions about your reservoir.

In 2018, Magseis, Fairfield and WGP came together to create a comprehensive ocean bottom seismic solutions provider built on the foundation of the largest, most advanced node inventory in the industry. The individual strengths and proprietary technology of these legacy companies today give our customers advantages in both the depth of our expertise and our portfolio of technology.

The combined Magseis Fairfield has more than 40 years of industry experience.

Since 2005, we have been responsible for more than 1.8 million nodes deployed worldwide, achieving a data recovery rate of more than 98 percent.

Our innovative acquisition techniques, modular solutions and bespoke approach to every project give us the flexibility and ability to meet any logistical challenge, safely and efficiently.

Our systems and services allow Magseis Fairfield to offer diversified business solutions including data acquisition, system sales, leasing and multi-client data.

Magseis Fairfield is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Sweden, USA, UK, Brazil and Singapore. Magseis has been listed on Oslo Stock Exchange since June 2014. In May 2018 Magseis ASA transferred to the main list on Oslo Stock Exchange, and in December 2018 Magseis acquired Fairfield Geotechnologies Seismic Technology and WGP-Group and changed the company name to Magseis Fairfield ASA

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