For the ship designer, owner or shipyard, the advantage of working with Industrias Ferri is that, faced with any request or need for deck equipment, Ferri will calculate, design and offer the proper equipment to meet all necessary rules and regulations, adapting it perfectly to the ship, the space, or any other limitation onboard. This allows greater freedom, both in the design of the ship and in the expected performance of the equipment, thereby greatly reducing adaptation costs and avoiding loss in performance.

Industrias Ferri S.A. was founded in 1964 by Ricardo Fernández Villar, major naval mechanic and skipper. After serving for years on fishing boats, he decided to set up a workshop in the basement of his father’s house to improve or manufacture products, the origin of what is now Industrias Ferri, S.A.

 Throughout these 50 years, we at Ferri have specialized in making equipment for all types of vessels, complying with the most rigorous requirements of performance and reliability, confirming our fame as an innovate manufacturer of high quality products. During the ‘70s, our experienced considerable growth and experience, to be able to satisfy the increasing demand for deck equipment and auxiliary machinery. In 1984, we entered the industry of drilling equipment for ornamental rock.

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