Loire Industrie

Loire Industrie

Supplier and stockist of flanges since 1971, LOIRE INDUSTRIE succeeded in varying its activity thanks to the boosted dynamic due to the takeover by the AIR Group and ranks now as one of the major French actors in open die forging and ring rolling of small and medium ranges of forged pieces as :
- ring rollings, disks, blocks, craneshafts, punched disks
- delivered in rough, semi or fully machined parts
- in varied grade steels
- under short delivery times

The new forging equipment installed in 2012 enables LOIRE INDUSTRIE
-to increase its forging capacities,
-to offer a complete service in forging, ring rolling, heat treating and machining in short delivery times
-and to turn towards growing sectors such as energy, aerospace and nuclear power markets.
Creation in 1971

Founded in Saint- Chamond by Joannès ROMAGNY in 1971, LOIRE INDUSTRIE has made a name for itself on the flanges market thanks to its technical expertise and its important stock.

From 1990 to 2010

The company was sold in 1990 to the TROUVAY CAUVIN group. Then, in 2002, it was sold to FORGES ET MECANIQUE DE LA LOIRE, at this time managed by Richard ROMAGNY, then in 2009 to the Italian Group FORGITAL.

In 2010, LOIRE INDUSTRIE came back to the ROMAGNY family due to its takeover by the AIR Group composed of FORGES D’ALBERT, an open die forging unit specialized in small forged parts.


This business alliance gave a dynamic breath of air to the company thanks to a strategic policy of investments.

LOIRE INDUSTRIE has varied its activity and is developing a new activity of open die forging and ring rolling by investing in its own new forging plant set up next to the machining workshop in Saint Chamond.

Thanks to the variety and important size of its raw material stocking area, the pooling of its staff skills in both the forging as well as the flanges activities, its machining capacities and a well- known product quality, LOIRE INDUSTRIE possesses all the necessary assets to turn towards growing sectors such as nuclear power, energy and aerospace.

Our main axes of development


LOIRE INDUSTRY tends its strategic politics(policy) of development to growth markets such as aeronautics and spatial markets. The support of commercial, technical and quality experts as well as the investment in a dedicated equipment of production, allow today LOIRE INDUSTRY to move on these markets and to look to the conquest of new market shares.

LOIRE INDUSTRY also reinforces its international promotion by actions targeted to be placed as a forging referent on the international market.
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