Aberdeen Web

Aberdeen Web

Aberdeen Web Ltd was established in 1992 and are the North East's largest manufactures of webbing slings, round slings and ratchet lashings. It's present owners, Mike and Diane Smart, took over in 1998 and the company has gone through many changes - it has become a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered firm, has British Institute membership, and is a member of the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

Aberdeen Web operates from its base in Wellheads Industrial Estate in Dyce and is geographically well placed to service its existing Aberdeen customers and potential customers throughout Scotland and the rest of the World.

Aberdeen Web Ltd became a proud dealer and Ambassador for HMPE specialists Enduro Softslings in 2019.

Enduro Softslings can manufacture slings to a massive 3500TE MBL and up to 75mtrs in length! With stunning accurate specs.

These stronger, specialist slings and HMPE protection material as wearpads and corner protectors will complement our wide range of polyester slings very well.

These abrasion resistant, light weight and easy handling slings mean that hitching a load requires nothing more than manpower. No additional equipment is needed allowing more free deck space meaning HMPE softslings are not only more efficient but also safer to use.
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Aberdeen, UK