ADEDE bvba

ADEDE bvba

ADEDE was founded in 2000 by Bart van der Speeten and Jean-Paul Peisker primarily as a UXO services company. During ADEDE’s early years the former WWI battlefieds in Belgium were declared National Heritage which resulted in the addition of battlefield archaeology to our portfolio of professional capabilities.

Simultaneously we added maritime archaeology to our offshore services to deal with the archaeology of UXO infested offshore development sites. We continuously invest in means and methods that enable us to perform our work more effectively and efficiently, resulting in our leading position when it comes to technical knowledge and equipment.

We employ 30 highly qualified geologists, geophysicists, archaeologists, UXO experts, UXO divers and maritime archaeologists. We have our own survey vessel, a fleet of support vehicles and various geophysical equipment for both on land and in water.

We feel our scientific approach is the best way to stay on top of technological and methodological developments in our aim to be a flexible and costeffective partner for challenging UXO- and archaeological issues worldwide.

ADEDE is Archaeology, Demining, Earth Sciences, Deep sea services and Exploration

We are a Belgium and Netherlands based company specialised in detecting and clearing hazards prior to (water)floor intrusion. We protect people and the environment against dangerous objects deposited during the course of history. It works both ways: we also protect valuable historical objects against people and the environment.

Adede has its own geophysics department with all thinkable tools, vehicles and even robotics for the job. We employ UXO experts, specialised naval UXO experts, archaeologists, maritime archaeologists and a dedicated support team.

Our mission comes alive in battlefield archaeology, offshore UXO, surveying, offshore demining,(underwater) archaeological excavation, clearing of war remnants, UXO infested archaeological sites.

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