From a modest start as a small local trading company in 1958, the company has grown to become a worldwide production and development company. On the western Norwegian coastline, you will find a commercial cluster that has developed a unique knowledge base within specialized maritime applications.

Anda-Olsen AS is headquartered in Ålesund, in the heart of this innovation zone. For more than half a century, Anda-Olsen has developed unparalleled expertise in power supplies designed for challenging maritime conditions. Anda power solutions are the result of a steady dialogue with shipowners, designers, shipyards, installers, and crews who all share one goal: to continuously improve and develop the safety and efficiency of systems for use at sea.


Anda power solutions are designed for a global market and can be adapted to a wide range of applications and climatic conditions. From being a local company, we have now evolved to become a worldwide player. Our products and solutions are delivered worldwide and are now in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the Barents Sea, among others.

As we have been working very hard on the offshore industry, our experience from this has contributed to the fact that we have also gained a large market on land, and we can deliver as much for use on land. Our products fit just as well on land as in water.  


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Ålesund, Norway

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