BMP Europe

BMP Europe

We have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of high speed industrial door systems and have established a reputation in Europe as a major supplier of energy efficient doors.

This has been earned through consistent attention to detail, use of the best quality materials and innovative design ideas. Our commitment to quality is matched by our desire to provide competitive pricing. The combination of quality, value, high productivity, plus the savings achieved from energy efficiency and a reduction in your carbon footprint means that buying a BMP EUROPE high speed door is a highly cost effective investment.

Our approach Is to specify the correct product and ensure that it is supported through our team of highly trained engineers. Our doors come with many features, each developed to ensure we meet the extremely high technical, operational, aesthetic and safety requirements demanded by the client.

This is demonstrated by the unique self repairing DynamicRoll door. With an opening speed of up to two and half meters per second. You can rest assured that downtime and maintenance will be kept to a minimum. With automatic opening and closing, high speed with security, wind pressure capabilities of up to 160km/h per hour, and a wide range of remote controls,  BMP Europe ‘s fast action doors offer outstanding value with our standard 2 year comprehensive warranty.

BMP EUROPE represents the leadership of BMP High Speed Doors.
We would like to remind our clients that we are a large, strong company which currently has a headquarters in Northern Italy, 12 corporate offices and nearly 320 stores worldwide.

The industrial high speed doors solution is made ​​possible by the construction of fast flexible doors that offer ease and functionality of movement between one zone and another in industrial environments.

BMP EUROPE, a manufacturer of flexible industrial rapid doors, operates with great success in the agricultural-food sectors, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, refrigeration sectors, clean rooms, and industrial sectors of all kinds, all high-level working environments which require the high professionalism that BMP EUROPE can fully satisfy.

If you require assistance in choosing the correct door for your application or any technical information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or via the contact page. You can count on BMP EUROPE High Speed Doors.
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