Bouvet is a Scandinavian consulting company that designs, develops, manages and provides advice on IT solutions and digital communications. Bouvet is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Bouvet consists of a total of over 1,540 engineers, designers, copywriters, economists, political scientists, psychologists, educators, mathematicians and anthropologists who assist companies and social players in all industries.

Together, we deliver solutions that contribute to stable energy supply, a more efficient public sector, safer banks, richer media services, better HSE in the oil sector, less administration in the transport industry and better customer experiences in the retail trade. And much more.

Subjects across

An increasing number of assignments require an interdisciplinary approach. We put together people, tools and methods in teams that create holistic solutions and results. The ability to work in a multidisciplinary way is an important reason why many customers give us renewed confidence.

Sesame opens opportunities and finds treasures

Bouvet's subsidiary Sesam specializes in retrieving and linking data from various sources. Sesame makes it easy for businesses to collect and own all their data and, through increased insight, create better services.

Proximity to customers and knowledge

Proximity to the clients is crucial for good solutions. Bouvet has 13 offices in Norway and Sweden, which enables us to understand the customer's language, culture and business. This way we can anchor and solve most assignments locally.

Corporate Responsibility

Bouvet is one of the largest Norwegian-owned companies in its industry and provides services to a number of important social players. Overall, this entails considerable responsibility for employees, customers, owners and society at large. The way we handle corporate social responsibility also has a business side. A clarity around our social contribution helps to create our reputation. A good reputation increases Bouvet's opportunities to attract new employees and customers so that we can contribute our expertise to meet society's needs for current and future generations.

We exercise corporate social responsibility by:

  • safeguarding rights and emphasizing social conditions and professional development for our employees
  • deliver products and services that create value for our customers, their customers and society as a whole
  • share our expertise with customers, professional communities and others, and thus contribute to the development of Norway as a technology nation
  • take environmental concerns into our daily operations, including through the Environmental Lighthouse certification of our offices
  • cherished the business on principles of good business practice and actively combat crime and corruption
  • contribute to society through projects and own operations in accordance with society's values ​​as seen from global guidelines
  • contribute to assignments where drivers are not only economical but have incentives in sustainable development

We are currently working to evaluate our routines and policies to better understand our overall environmental impact in relation to our stakeholders and business strategies. More information will be available in our forthcoming Environmental and Sustainability Report in 2020.

Our vision

We go ahead and build the society of the future.

Our ambition

We must be the most credible consulting company with the most satisfied employees and customers.

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