In 1777 the first coppersmiths were employed by BUTTING: they produced copper vats for breweries. Much has changed since then: traditional craft techniques have become computer-aided technologies and machines have turned into true giants.

 Our progress is made possible through the know-how of the employees and the traditional values. Therefore, BUTTING today is considered a forerunner in the production of longitudinally welded stainless steel and clad pipes, a reliable partner to companies all over the world and a solutions provider for all industrial sectors.

As one of the world’s leading processors of stainless steels we offer our customers tailor-made product solutions which will have a lasting influence on their success.
Well trained BUTTING staff are at your disposal as your partners: from advice on materials and development and manufacture of customized products through to site supervision – we offer a one-stop service.

Our mission statement
Living responsibility has always been the basis of our corporate culture. Active responsibility creates an atmosphere of trust. To deal with customers, suppliers and employees in a trustworthy manner, combined with courage, diligence and careful work have been the basis of the success of our family business - for more than 240 years now.

While the machine operator uses a hydraulic hoisting device to lay the steel plate in the 2-metre press, the systems mechanic is already programming the parameters for subsequent elding – electric current, voltage, metal arc length etc.

When we see this, it is hard to imagine how our ancestors 60 or even 200 years ago worked to manufacture copper tanks for breweries. Much has changed since then: manual technologies have turned into computer-controlled ones, simple machines into real giants. But what has remained is irreplaceable: the expertise of our staff and the traditional values that make progress at BUTTING possible.

 In 1777 the first coppersmiths were employed at BUTTING. A very demanding trade that required strength, persistence, reliability and courage ... And those are exactly the same values that keep our tradition alive today and allow BUTTING to grow.

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