Calobri was founded in 1948 in Settimo Milanese (Milan), Italy and is part of the OMB group since 1998. Calobri operates with state of the art manufacturing equipments specially built for the production of valves.

Our manufacturing capacity is extended with a network of locally based machining shops which allows us to mantain a flexible structure in line with the requirements of the ever changing need of the industries we serve.

Our missionTo provide the highest possible quality forged steel valves at the most cost effective way to customers worldwide in the energy related industries. Fast track delivery is our mission as well.

Health, Safety and Environment in OMB Group is of primary importance. It is essential that the OMB Group conduct its operations: To protect the safety and health of its employees, contractors and all those affected by its activities; to preserve the quality of the environment and conserve natural resources.

Goals are:

  • to achieve no injury, lost workdays or work related illnesses;
  • to reduce the ecological footprint to a minimum;
  • to fully respect safety, health and environment in all management choices, plans and operations;
  • to fully comply with all applicable standards of the international oil industry, in addition to the applicable national laws and regulations.

To reach these goals, the following requirements shall be applied:
  • managers at all levels shall be responsible and accountable for health, safety and environmental matters and for ensuring compliance with this policy statement;
  • all employees and contractors shall remain vigilant and responsible for their own health and safety as well as the people around them;
  • all employees and contractors shall remain vigilant and responsible to avoid unnecessary environmental impact;
  • hazards and risks shall be, identified, evaluated and managed;
  • HSE Management System shall be planned considering applicable standards as well as hazards and risks;
  • specific KPI and targets shall be defined and measured in accordance with this policy statement;
  • efficient HSE procedures shall be developed and followed;
  • regular audits shall be performed to assure compliance with procedures, standards and this policy statement;
  • all HSE related incidents and nonconformities shall be reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence;
  • The management shall periodically review the HSE management system, its related documents and results;
  • employees and contractors shall be properly trained to work safely and cleanly, in accordance with the applicable procedures, and to ensure that they know how to act in an emergency.
  • This policy is fundamental to the wellbeing of all employees and all stakeholders as well as the efficient operation of the OMB Group. Helping to fulfil these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works at OMB Group.

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Milan, Italy