Chugoku Marine Paints

Chugoku Marine Paints

CMP, a leading company aiming to harmonize human activity with nature. Since its foundation, Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. has been taking a unique approach in the industry to develop core products for marine paints and also paints for industrial applications.


Innovative technology - taking a global view CMP globally searches for technological innovation, not only in order to develop paints and other products, but also to establish paint technologies that are effective in streamlining processes, are labour saving, and can be incorporated into automated line and robot systems.


To meet various demands promptly, CMP proactively develops and promotes high quality products, together with color designs, featuring high and innovative functionality designed for each specific application.


CMP takes information learned from nature and daily life as messages pointing to the future. We are “a company dedicated to protecting the environment”, actively promoting harmonization with it.

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