The Cognite Team includes the best software engineers, data scientists, designers, game developers, 3D developers, domain experts, and commercial professionals in the business.

The key to industrial digitalization lies in data liberation. Heavy-asset industries like Oil & Gas, Shipping, Manufacturing, and Power already have the data. Now they need software to collect, clean, and contextualize the data. A resource to transform the data into information and to stimulate a thriving ecosystem of industrial applications.

Cognite Data Fusion presents a digital representation of industrial reality to make it accessible and meaningful for humans and machines.

With Cognite Data Fusion, our industrial customers can harness the potential of advanced analytics, deploy algorithms, and build customized applications. We make it possible to maximize the strategic value of data. Realizing the promise of digitalization.

Cognite is geared up for the impending big data boom.

In less than fifteen years, there will be more than 50 billion physical assets and machines connected to the internet. More than 7 billion internet users. The growth of data will be exponential. The potential value of data will explode.

The challenge will be to harness the energy of such rapid progress, while ensuring data integrity and security. Finding innovative ways to connect data. Collaborating with data to increase opportunities for innovation. Dynamic data handling will become a competitive advantage across the value chain.

Cognite was founded in 2016 to meet the demands of industrial digitalization. Today, Cognite Data Fusion is revolutionizing the workflows of industrial customers worldwide. We believe data must be made accessible, insightful, and open. And we continue to develop our platform to make this vision a reality.
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