Cybernetica has its roots embedded in the discipline of cybernetics, which Norbert Wiener, one of the originators of the term, defined in 1948 as the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.

In other words, cybernetics is the discipline of governance – how to effectively and efficiently govern a certain system or infrastructure, with the use of technology, in our case, more specifically with ICT. We believe that governance should be good, which to us manifests itself in our slogan of “smart and secure”. In new world that we create, we do not compromise – the end state has to be smarter, better for the people that we create it for and is also secure, comfortable and reliable.

Cybernetics is a scientific discipline – this is where we come from and this is what paves our road ahead. For us, the activity of research and development is in our DNA, it helps us to compete on the global market
– always scanning the horizons for what is possible, looking beyond current state of affairs, offering our clients state of the art products and solutions.

 We never want to oppose science and art – art gives us the ideas and flexibility, science helps us to nail down given characteristics to a specific efficiently and elegantly working solution.

We believe in honesty and long-term relationships. We are frank and often tell to our customers what they need instead of what they want – we expect to have a fruitful discussion based upon this, creating the best solution in return. And we never quit or give up when things get complicated – we always follow through. This is how any flourishing, long-term relationship should be built and maintained.

Our key strength is our people – make no mistake – without them, there is no Cybernetica. We aim to inspire our employees to reach new heights in their self-realization.

 We do everything to keep them inspired – from offering them opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art projects, participating in lifelong learning opportunities, to just providing them an inspiring environment to work in.

We are extremely proud of the decades-long journey that has taken us to where we are today. We have managed to be the main architect of the e-society here in Estonia and have gradually introduced and gained respect for our solutions elsewhere.

 We are certain that with our values, our people and our technology, we will build a smart and secure world for all.
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