Dalen Industriservice

Dalen Industriservice

Dalen Industriservice specializes in surface treatment and corrosion protection. We have placed great emphasis on environmentally friendly and cost-effective production, with short turnaround time.

We supply in many industries, everything from oil, ships, energy and industry. Our goal is to be a reliable and competitive supplier where the focus is quality, timeliness and environment.

The surface treatment is more than paint, the visual determines the first impression, but the right surface treatment is what creates longevity and reduced maintenance costs. We emphasize that both quality and finish must be first-class.

Dalen Industriservice is an environmental proven surface treatment specialist, who deals with surface treatment and varnishing of all types of surfaces. We are a professional surface treatment supplier located at (Almestad) Gursken.

At our state-of-the-art facility, the emphasis is placed on flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective production.

All energy for heating is gas.

The air is cleaned before it goes out. 60-80% of the heat in the entire plant is recovered via heat exchangers and returned to the plant as heating.

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Gursken, Norway

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