DIMEQ stands for “digital maritime equipment” and our primary orientation is towards the Maritime industry, including vessel supervision and as a management tool for assisting personnel.

We believe our product is the next step in improving the standard of safety, for those companies that are seriously committed to QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment). We have developed a product that will exceed existing QHSE tools and equipment onboard vessels, improve monitoring and supervision of the onboard personnel.

Our customized products can continuously monitor each individual, from embarkation to disembarking. With the help of new technologies, the health and safety of every offshore worker, including passenger on cruise ships, and private yacht is significantly improved.

We have covered the demand in the industry and the specific vessels requirements. Our products are considered to be one of the most personal HSE device in the maritime industry. The device is continuously monitoring each individual crew member and passenger from the day they join the vessel until they disembark. Our product monitors also the environment temperature & noise levels, and planning to implement various sensors for more advanced environment analyze e.g. air toxicity.

Our product is a personal HSE device, however, the whole system will be customized to fit the companies’ specific requirement in this respect.


Our main goal is to improve the safety for all offshore personnel, by utilizing new technologies. This could be expanded to include passenger ships and merchant vessels worldwide, from large tankers to individual yachts.

The Next Generation HSE...

We are a Norwegian based company located on a small island in the west of Norway, the sea is a big part of our lives. Specialized in developing HSE systems for all type of vessels, Hardware integration for complete monitoring and sensing experience onboard vessels or platforms.

We have over 60 years of experience in several of the Maritime environments behind our company. Ensuring the required understanding of the ship, the crew and the need of that industry. The combination of our lives at sea and passion for new technologies, brought us to where we are today, disrupting the Maritime HSE once and for all with our system and hardware, digitalizing and improving lives at sea.

We saw the need for a product that could combine our Maritime experience with our technological passion and vision, to create what we strongly believe will be the next generation HSE for Maritime ships. Combining IoT capabilities, health center, monitoring and positioning that will give you incredible information and assistance during emergency situations.

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Kalvåg, Norway

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