Eclips Engineering

Eclips Engineering

Our company culture is based on the belief that long-term success is dependent on delivering quality service with a high level of employee satisfaction. We must provide value to our clients within a working environment that challenges our employees to reach their goals, professional and personal.

Our dedication to excellence in structural design has allied Eclipse with many outstanding consulting firms and vendors who have similar values. We believe we must do several things exceptionally well to continue to serve our clients.

Our first task is to listen and ask questions. Through this active and interactive process, we are better equipped to consider our clients’ needs and fully understand their perspectives. This step is essential for any project to be successful. Imperative to all projects is respecting the time and resources of all parties. This means returning phone calls, responding to emails and meeting deadlines.

Mutual respect is the foundation of long-term relationships. We enjoy our work and we thrive on the pursuit of excellence. We measure this excellence by satisfied clients, successful projects and the long-term relationships that we build.

Our Mission

“The Eclipse Family is committed to bringing our clients’ vision to reality and fostering a culture of awesome. We attract talented people, encourage them to pursue their passions, and prepare them to be leaders in our communities and marketplaces.”

Our Vision

“To cultivate owner-minded employees who create technically excellent and cleverly devised structural engineering solutions for our clients.”

Our Core Values

Energy – passionate, positive, can-do-attitude
Communication – be responsive and accessible to our clients and colleagues
Legacy – passing the torch to the next generation
Integrated – many offices, one company
Phun – have a little…with style
Sensitivity – maintain mutual trust, respect, and openness
Elasticity – be flexible and embrace change; pursue a healthy work-life balance
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Company Information
Missoula, Montana