Ellingsen Shipping Group

Ellingsen Shipping Group

ESG is a family controlled investment company founded in the late 1970s. The company specializes in shipowning, operations and insurance services related to the maritime industry. ESG is privately funded and continually seeking opportunities to invest in new ventures.

We are geared to the rapidly changing realities of the shipping industry. Our sailing fleet modern meets rigorous international industry standards as well as the demanding requirements of our customers.

With our proven track record and knowledge of the shipping industry - We specialize in the development of new projects – able to handle areas such as design development, securing funding, insurance solutions, commercial and technical management through our affiliates. Please contact us to discuss any new projects or proposals.

RORO Vessels

The fleet consists of 3,400-lane metre ro-ro vessels built 2008-2010 currently employed on long term charters in NW European waters. All vessels fly the Red Ensign.

Ellingsen RoRo Ltd has a solid record of business and investment over the last decade and currently charters out to operators mainly in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. Our team has over 40years of RoRo experience - We are focused on providing safe and optimized vessels to our clients, and we understand the challenging conditions for vessels operating in this environment. Our modern fleet consists of fast and economic vessels with the highest ice class ratings.

We offer modern, reliable and efficient shipping solutions and specialize in development of new seaborne logistics for rolling cargo.

Product Tanker

Investments include stake in oil products/chemicals carriers, all built 2008-2010. The ANS 70 class 7,000-dwt has 10 cargo tanks able to handle three grades of cargo simultaneously during loading/discharging operations. The fleet operates worldwide.

The vessels have time charterer agreements with leading oil companies operating on the west coast of Africa. We have extensive knowledge of the shipping transport market and we provide safe and cost efficient transport vessels to our clients. Our modern and flexible fleet consists of multi-hull vessels designed to be safe, practical and versatile, in order to meet the wide variety of shipping transport operations undertaken by our clients.

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