Erreesse, established in 2004, is a manufacturing company based in Northern Italy, in the town of Grignasco in the green Valsesia (Sesia Valley), along the enchanting Sesia River, 45 minutes from Milan Malpensa Airport.

Erreesse is a reliable manufacturer of metal and soft seated On/off, Control & Mixing ball valves supplied to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Marine, LNG, Geothermal & Power Generation, Onshore & Offshore Industries, on topside and subsea installations all over the world.

Anything is possible with hard work, practice, dedication, determination and ambition

Passion, knowledge, smart attitude and hard work allow us to propose and supply our Customers with the best solution for their needs. The development of new technologies, the know-how and the expertise of our team resulted in an ongoing success which makes us a reliable supplier.

Our target is to supply a high performance Italian product and a customized service, to make the difference. With a clear vision into the future, we will deliver greater value to both our clients and employees with continued focus on technology innovation, cooperation, transparency and trust. The key to our success lies in our business philosophy characterized by positive thinking and creative wisdom.


Erreesse production range includes very versatile top entry and side entry ball valves up to 72” supporting extreme temperatures and pressures, designed to handle severe service applications, whether they are corrosive with acid solutions or have higher cycle frequencies. Double seated or special single seated designs, with rising stem or eccentric ball constructions, are an excellent choice for shutoff applications and processes in the Oil & Gas, LNG, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Geothermal Industries. Our interest in our Customers' needs, our efforts to convert them in the best product, supported by the compliance with API, ISO & PED regulations, ensure the supply of a customized high quality service, performed by experienced personnel.

Oil & Gas Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

The ever changing needs of our Customers drive the Erreesse Engineering & Production Team to offer continuous innovations and an improved valve range year after year in the support of the following industries and processes:

- Exploration, Drilling, Mining, Extraction
- Processing and Pipeline systems
- Storage and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products
- Refining of petroleum crude oil, processing and purifying of raw natural gas
- Molecular sieve dehydration, dryer switching, sweetening
- Acid removal at cryogenic temperatures or heating to boiling points, catalytic and hydro-treatments

Geothermal & Power Generation

Geothermal power plants are sustainable, non-polluting and reliable, but they can be really challenging endeavors with steam temperatures exceeding 570°F (300°C). Valves installed in Geothermal plants have to face flashed steam, hot water and geothermal brine where abrasive and highly corrosive chemicals and minerals could erode and damage sealing surfaces, impairing valve performance. ERREESSE strong expertise and know-how on materials and new technologies results in a large range of ball valves with specific designs, constructions and selected materials, to address the most challenging situations and corrosion issues on Geothermal applications.
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Grignasco, Italy