Five seasoned experts with over 175 years of experience in the oil & gas industry have developed a new patent pending disruptive revolutionary technology. 

Water is separated in a horizontal well bore close to the reservoir and thereafter re-injected via a lateral well as pressure support to increase oil recovery. The Fluidsep DPP combines production and injection in one well with no spill to surface, all excess water and sand is re-injected and never sees the surface. The technology enables 35% extra oil production and at the same time resulting in significantly reduced CO2/barrel of Oil. More than 30% reduction compared with conventional production. Example of simulations shows extra income of > 1 Billion NOK per well. 

Fluidsep DPP has achieved TRL 2 - and requires 2 years of qualifications and pilot testing to be ready for the market, TRL 7. Strong interest in the market about our technology. 

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Company Information
Bergen, Norway