Forgia Rapida

Forgia Rapida

Forgia Rapida is in business since 1961. The company boasts more than 50 years of experience in the sector of small weight forgings. It is part of an industrial group together with the firm Co.Me.Sa, a machine shop specialized in the manufacturing of rolls for steel industry.

Forgia Rapida employs 40 people in its 2 plants. The main plant is located in Bologna; the second one is a warehouse located in Funo (5 km far from the main plant). Together the plants cover an area of approximately 6,500 covered square meters.

The company constantly invests in developing personnel and equipment, supporting its customers in facing continuously changing needs and markets. Great performances, both in high level of quality and excellent on time delivery record, lead Forgia Rapida to establish loyal and long term relationships with customers, thus increasing and consolidating the revenues. Forgia Rapida can offer its competency supplying forgings to several markets all over the world: Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East. Excellent quality in forged products is guaranteed by high standard tools, suitable to manufacture and offer forgings compliant with all international standards and specifications.

All equipment undergo periodical inspections and maintenance, in order to avoid any break down, which could affect the lead time of production, and any discrepancy in accuracy. Forgia Rapida constantly invests in continuous improvement of its processes and tools, aiming to offer best in class services to the market.
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Bologna, Italy

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